Joe Kent made the following statement:

It is disappointing to see the Camas School Board prioritize the teaching of Critical Race Theory even though your constituents strongly oppose it. I suspect that this curriculum was recommended to you by one of the out-of-state race relations consulting firms, to which you gave tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars.

An ethics professor, who cites Marx as an influence on his theory, developed Critical Race Theory. The school board needs to explain to parents why they teach a theory based on an ideology the United States fought against for decades.
If you want to improve the curriculum of public schools, then I suggest you go to the voters with your questions. As a school board member, you are not on a high-counsel of educators. You are a public servant, and your job is to teach the curriculum that your voters tell you to teach. The public school system is designed to be an institution that parents use to monitor their children’s education. Parents have the right to decide the curriculum.

I look forward to seeing them exercise that right and supporting school board candidates who will listen to parents.

Candidate Joe is available for interviews. If interested, please email Byron Sanford at or via cell at 360.210.6943.