In response to concerns that the Washington Department of Health is mandating face coverings, social distancing and COVID-19 testing in schools, Joe Kent made the following statement.

“For the past year, the government subjected our children to unnecessary and extreme  measures with no basis in science, including mask mandates and shutting down in-person schooling.

The Department of Health requirement for children to wear masks in schools, mandating social distancing, and requiring unvaccinated children to be frequently tested for COVID-19 is an unconstitutional overreach of our state government and is not backed up by any medical research.

As a parent of two young school children, I stand with all of the parents of the Third Congressional District, Washington state, and across our country in demanding the removal of these draconian restrictions.” Joe Kent is available for interviews. If interested, please email Byron Sanford at or contact him via cell at 360.210.6943.