Joe Kent On Newsmax With Steve Cortes: July 30, 2021

Joe Kent on Steve Cortes discussing how Kevin McCarthy and the America Last establishment is bankrolling the RINO’s that voted to impeach President Trump.

Joe Kent Leads in Fundraising Among Jaime’s Challengers

“But Herrera Beutler’s January impeachment vote generated backlash among pro-Trump Republicans in the district, several of whom have launched campaigns to oust the congresswoman. The most well-funded of the challengers is Joe Kent, an Army veteran who lives in Yacolt in Clark County.”

Primary Opponents to the impeachment voters

Conservative Tree House lists Joe as the only viable alternative to Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler.

The Federalist: Big Tech Collusion Proves The Market Versus Government Paradigm Is Dead

“Earlier this year Hawley gave a well-received speech at CPAC where he noted that the biggest threat to the right comes from an unprecedented alliance of radical liberals and the biggest, most powerful corporations in the history of the world. A new class of like-minded Republican hopefuls is now campaigning to join Hawley in the House and Senate, including J.D. Vance, Joe Kent, and Blake Masters.

Steve Cortes on Economic Nationalism: Newsmax

“These young bucks are truly The Outsiders, because they do not come from politics.

Instead, they were incredible achievers in business and in the military, and they now bring those life lessons and skills to the arena of politics.

Who are these New Outsiders?

They include Sean Parnell in Pennsylvania, JD Vance in Ohio, Joe Kent in the state of Washington, and the newest announced candidate: Blake Masters in Arizona.”