Discourses Podcast with Pedro Gonzalez

Pedro Gonzalez interviews Joe Kent on Discourses Podcast. From Pedro’s website, “Kent has been saying many things that break the mold of the typical veteran-turned congressional candidate- and of the typical Republican generally. Kent, it seems to me, has been trying to think things through and think about things differently. His answers were frank and thoughtful and he came across as authentic. It wasn’t hard to get him talking about the military, immigration, and the economy in a way that would make other Republicans squirm. These are very good signs, so I hope you’ll enjoy our talk.” View Pedro’s page here: A Talk with Joe Kent – Contra (substack.com) Podcast listed below.

Real America’s Voice with Sophie Mann

Joe joins Sophie Mann to discuss his run, RINO Republicans failed policies and the trajectory for 2022. See below for a short clip. To view entire interview, click here: https://rumble.com/vi199d-2022-congressional-primary-race-in-washington-3rd-district-becoming-gop-bat.html