Battle Ground, WA— Today, the Bull Moose Project endorsed Joe Kent for Congress in Washington’s Third Congressional District.

The Bull Moose Project made the following statement: 

The Bull Moose Project is proud to endorse Joe Kent for Congress in Washington’s Third Congressional District. Joe is an economic nationalist.  He understands that our economy currently works for the corporations, not the people, and that must change.  Immigration plays a huge role in fixing the economy, and Joe wants to cut low-skilled legal immigration that harms American workers.  In addition, Joe understands we must finally combat the Communist Party of China to preserve American hegemony throughout the world. 

Candidate Joe Kent made the following statement:

I am honored to have the endorsement from a patriotic organization of young conservatives. The Bull Moose Project consists of everyday Americans. They believe in making our nation great by protecting and revitalizing our manufacturing industry, defending the sanctity of life, and fighting for the survival of our Judeo-Christian heritage.  The Bull Moose Senior Advisor is Gavin Wax, who is renowned in the young conservative movement.  As the 73rd president of the New York Young Republican Club, Gavin has made the NYYRC the largest active Republican youth chapter nationwide.  With young patriots from the Bull Moose Project behind this campaign, it is clear the momentum is on our side.  We will save America from the far-left, the corporations, and the RINOs within. 

The Bull Moose Project and Candidate Joe are both available for interviews.  If interested, please email Byron Sanford at or via cell at 360.210.6943.