Below are links to articles I have written since leaving government service. Most are focused on foregin policy and why I support the Trump movement.

Joe Kent is retired from the United States Army. Use of his military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Army or the Department of Defense.

Trump Absolutely Respects Our Service

I wrote this article in response to the Atlantic publishing the notorious “sucker and losers” accusations by anonymous sources:


Why I Support PRESIDENT Trump

Why I support president Trump:


America Can Win the War on Terror Without Endless Wars

This is an overview of how we can learn from our mistakes in the Global war on terror, end our wars in the Middle East while addressing terror threats:


To Prevent US-Iran War, We Must Withdraw from Iraq

This summarizes how our relationship with the Iraqi government makes us vulnerable to a war with Iran:


trump’s foreign policy threatens military generals who prefer the status quo

My take on why so many General Officers attempted to thwart Trump at every turn:


Unlike predecessors, president trump lets us fight and win

An interview where I explain why Trump is a successful Commander-In-Chief: 


federal government should bring charges against antifa rioters

How the federal government can fight Antifa violence:


military families for trump

Military families for Trump event discussing foreign policy and Iran:


End Endless War [Long form discussion]

Long form discussion on ending the endless wars:


Way Forward in the Middle East

Peer reviewed think tank paper on how to end our endless wars while addressing threats to our nation from the Middle East: