Joe Kent for Congress.

Who I am and why I’m asking for your vote:

Who I am and why I’m asking for your vote:

My name is Joe Kent.  I’m a Veteran, a father, widower, a Gold Star husband and a conservative who is deeply worried with the direction that our nation and district are heading. I am mostly concerned that the person we elected to represent our values and make our voices heard decided to listen to deceptive and divisive media and radical left instead of standing strong for the people of Southwest Washington and the over 74 million Americans who voted for President Trump.

When Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler cast her vote to impeach President Trump, she betrayed the will of our district.  She showed the radical left that they can manipulate her.

Since the 2020 election and the tragic events of January 6th, 2021, we have seen conservatives and Trump supporters labeled as terrorists and targeted by social media, corporate America, and the mainstream media for the alleged crime of supporting President Trump and asking fair questions about widespread election irregularities. Let me be very clear about January 6th, those who acted violently are criminals and have no place in our movement. However, the violent actors are a small fringe group, not representative of our over 74 million strong, diverse populist movement.

Representative Beutler does not understand the significance of the times we live in or the importance of our great district.  In the last four years, we saw the permanent governing class, the media, and the tech sector align against the Trump movement, leading up to the election in November of 2020. This self-described cabal’s goal was not just to get Trump out of office.  It was also to silence and gain submission from every one of his supporters. Representative Beutler refused to speak out on any of these issues.  Instead, she played right into the left’s hand by voting to impeach President Trump.

Representative Beutler is no longer capable of holding the line from the far-left radicals at our doorstep in Olympia and Portland. Politicians and activists who are working to change our nation’s foundations surround this district, and Representative Beutler just gave them an invitation by buying into their false narrative.

The time to push back and stand firm is now. The odds are against us with the radical Democrats in control of the White House and Congress. We cannot give them any more ground; therefore, I am running for office to fight for our nation’s future.

I live my life by asking myself, if not me, then who? If not now, when? This spirit inspired me to enlist in the US Army when I was 18 years old and kept me volunteering to serve our nation over twenty years and 11 combat deployments. I am no stranger to strife and fighting for what is right.

I grew up in Portland, Oregon, but thanks to the Boy Scouts and Explorer Scouts, I spent many summers on the Lewis River, crawling through the Ape Caves and winters snowshoeing around Mt. St. Helens. When I was 18 years old, I joined the Army and began my 20-year adventure in Special Operations. My career came to a sudden end in 2019.  My wife, Shannon Kent, was killed in Syria fighting ISIS. After Shannon died, I resigned from government service to care for our two young sons. I moved to Yacolt, Washington, after briefly living in Portland and seeing how Portland had changed from being a vibrant small city into a hotbed of lawlessness and far left ideology.

I chose to live in the Third District in Clark County, because I knew the people here have strong traditional American values. As a result, I felt very betrayed when Representative Beutler chose to reject the facts and her constituents’ will to side with the far left. Now the far left and mainstream media know they can manipulate her.  She cannot defend us or represent us; I cannot sit on the sidelines any longer.  I am seeking the chance to serve you once again.

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”

And I said, “Here am I. Send me!” 

– Isaiah 6:8